Working with Addons/Modules/Views

Addon basic directory structure

As we said, the components of an addon reside in some part of the addon directory tree. The first step in creating a new addon is therefore to set up this directory structure.
The structure is as follows:

Directory Description
.../addons/articles/ addon directory
.../addons/articles/config/ addon configuration files
.../addons/articles/languages/ addon translation files
.../addons/articles/lib/ addon class code
.../addons/articles/modules/ addon module classes (if any)
.../addons/articles/views/ addon views

This structure can be created under the /application directory in the case of your own application specific addon or it can be created under the /framework directory if the addon should be shared by several applications running on the same server. As you probably noticed, the name of the directory tree root must be the name of the addon (also called addon id) Let's look at each of these components with more details