Using multiple instances

Using multiple instances - You can create an unlimited number of applications with one single instance of the toKernel framework.

CLI with interactive mode

CLI with interactive mode - toKernel makes writing applications working in command line mode very simple.


Security - Today, creating a website without thoroughly paying attention to avoiding the techniques used by attackers is like leaving your house doors open at all time.

Addons and modules

Addons and modules - As expected from a framework, toKernel provides ways for you to extend its functionality to suit you own requirements.

Templates, widgets and themes

Templates, widgets and themes - There is more to it than just comfort!

Aliasing for URL and CLI arguments

Aliasing for URL and CLI arguments - This usually helps optimizing the ranking of the URL with search engines.


Debugging - toKernel aim of making developer's life easier would not be met if debugging options had been left out.

Flexible error handling and logging

Flexible error handling and logging - The toKernel framework allows applications to be run in two modes, production and development.