To this end, this project provides all necessary functions and features for creating website, CMS or CLI application.


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Project overview

... some thoughts

Many PHP framework projects boast themselves as being "more flexible", "easy to use", "very fast" and the like. As you may have noticed, the fastest code is the one that never runs ;-) And how can a framework be easy to use and understand when it has thousands of uncommented lines of code and little else? A project will be "easy to use" if it has clear and concise documentation and its source code has extensive and meaningful comments.
This project has a lot of advantages compared with other framework projects, but we can not describe them in just a few words. They will become clear when reading the upcoming documentation and the source code if you are up to it.

Many framework projects claim that classes in a library must the independent from one another. But why? In this case, all we get is a collection of classes and not a real framework. For example the class 'email' should check the recipient's address is well-formed before sending a message. Then can it should be allowed to use the 'validate' class, which is responsible for checking the validity of email addresses among others. Or the 'form' class should have access to the 'filter' class to filter data and ensure valid html output will be produced. We think frameworks should have integrated kernels. This is what why we said this is a monolithic framework and not a collection of independent classes.

But then, you decide for yourself...


"Every word of every software developer deserves respect and it is not a philosophy of inventing the bicycle"

Works with new version of toKernel website started. Design Gavalian Studio: http://gavalian.com/portfolio/tokernel Frontend Development - A superb front-end development team: https://frontjet.com
Mar 17, 2015
toKernel v.1.4.0 released! Changelog
Oct 22, 2014
toKernel v.1.3.1 released! New methods in addon lib available. Changelog
Dec 31, 2013
Great Thanks to Alexander Aslanyan for Russian translation of toKernel Framework. http://arevi.ru/tokerneldocs/tokernel-docs-ru.html
Dec 31, 2013
toKernel v.1.3.0 released! New 'memcached' caching method available now. Changelog
Mar 29, 2013
toKernel v.1.2.6 released! Fixed libraries: log, url, lib, filter, Error and Exception handlers Changelog
Jan 29, 2013