Addons and modules

As expected from a framework, toKernel provides ways for you to extend its functionality to suit you own requirements.

So what is an addon?

An addon in toKernel is the combination of model, view, controler classes found in other framework but with some additional components.

Each addon has one main controller class, named home.addon.php where
class home_addon extends addon { ... }
class other_home_ext_addon extends home_addon { ... }

Each addon class can have as many modules as required!

But what is a module?

A module is a just class in the addon package that can be used only in this addon.

For example, you can create a module for working with the database, an other module for working with files and yet an other module for working with some functions.

As another example, if you build a website with administrator area, you can write a 'news' addon, with one module for the backend (the administrator end) and another module for frontend (the users end) functionality.

In other words, the addon functionality is implemented in one main addon and some specific module classes.